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a picture of me with nail clippers


Nail technician, skin specialist, educator and session tech

I'm Kelly,  A fully qualified and insured Nail Technician who adores her job and thrives on making my clients feel special, ensuring they leave my house feeling uplifted, relaxed and beautiful. As a nail technician I specialise in using top quality hypoallergenic products. I have allergies myself and understand the importance of nail health. I only use the best products, ensuring allergies are kept at bay.


I am never bored with what I do! The industry is forever moving forward with new ideas, constantly bringing more exciting new things to the market which I can't help but experiment and work my magic with.


As a Nail Technician I specialise in Nail Art. Lavish Nails already has over 120 Colours to chose from and I cant seem to stop adding to my wonderful collection.


Enjoy the site! Have a look around - I regularly take photos of my work and upload so you can get some ideas and inspiration, I am always up for a new challange! 


Thanks for submitting!

a picture of me laughing with cuticle tools
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