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Book onto my Nail tech courses, ranging from complete beginner, refreshers, nail extensions, hard gel and builder gel. The courses will equip you with everything you need to begin your career. We go into great depth on recommended application, contra-indications, allergies, business tips and so much more. If you have been waiting to start your nail journey with the right gel system, then wait no more. Nail Order system is hypoallergenic, which is the best start to any career, as you will be trained in using the safest option for both yourself and your clients.  Join my course and become more informed on allergies, long wearing application and prioritising your clients health. 



A one day intensive ABT Accredited course, where you learn how to use the electric nail file safely and effectively.


Why the LP eFile course?

We practise a hands on approach, meaning our course is mainly practical - with live demonstrations, models and practical assessments. We’re not about learning from behind a screen - this is a 6 hour intensive practical course - meaning you will leave feeling confident to safely use the eFile on your clients. 

All students that have demonstrated the necessary skills to practise using the eFile will receive an ABT Accredited certificate - making them safe to use the eFile on their clients.


What you will learn on the course:

  • The eFile, how it works and the different parts and speed settings

  • The different drill bits - how, and when to use them, covering the RPM speed, the right angles to use the drill bits and the correct technique

  • How to work safely over the natural nail, removing non-living tissue, creating the perfect nail preparation for product application

  • How to prepare nails for infill service

  • How to refine an overlay

  • How to use sanding bands and the benefits these can have over the standard nail file

  • How to safely clean your eFile and drill bits

  • Health & Safety


What you will need for your course:

  • eFile Machine - Any brand is fine, we recommend the LP eFile as it has the latest technology, a digital display & brushless motor

  • LP Perfect Prep Kit

  • LP 5-in-1 Drill Bit or LP Pro Kit

  • Hypoallergenic product will be provided on this course - but please bring any prep tools you use for your nail service, and come with your own nails free of product

  • A model - with fingers free of product


Our Xtensions course is suitable for nail beginners who have minimal nail experience!

Gel polish qualification required as a minimum.

You will be required to bring your prep tools and Xtensions items listed below on the day of the course.


During this one day course you will learn everything you need to know about our full coverage tips system including:

Health and Safety

Nail Anatomy

Nail Preparation

Tip Selection



Problem Solving


You will be required to have these items as a minimum to attend the course:



Xgel (of your choice)

Tips of your choice (we recommend medium or long length for beginners) 

Xtensions Torch or Xlight (Xtensions torch stand is recommended for hands free use)

Or why not purchase a handy Xtensions starter kit with everything you need here.

This course is fully accredited by CPD and ABT meaning students can gain insurance.

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